Mezcal (“cooked agave”) is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is made from the wide array of agave plants found in the arid and dry lands of Mexico.  In contrast, tequila may only be designated as such if it is made with 100% blue agave (think scotch or whiskey). There is no general consensus on the number of different agave specie used in the production of mezcal, though there are several well-known and recognized varieties: blue agave, espadin, tobala, madrecuixe, dobodaan, and arroqueño.  Each variety of agave offers its own unique flavor profile, which is augmented by the length of time it is aged and the type of fruits and herbs used in the fermentation and distillation process.

Joven: unaged .

Reposado: 2-9 months

Añejo: +1 year

“Authentic Mexican Cuisine from Oaxaca! This place is AMAZING! Sincerely one of the best finds in all of the Hudson Valley. Do yourself a favor and support this gem of a small business immediately.”
—Michael Zabrowski
Award winning pastry chef & author
Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

About us

Hailing from the state of Oaxaca (pronounced “wa-ha-ka”) – the food capital of Mexico – la familia Pinelo-Cardenas has been serving 100% authentic cuisine right here in the Hudson Valley since 2003. Staying true to tradition, each plate captures a unique part of Oaxaca by using our ancestor’s slow-roasting techniques, using only fresh herbs and spices, and never compromising on flavor. Bring your family and friends and come experience the best kept secret in the Hudson Valley in a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. Bienvenidos to La Cabanita: cocina de Oaxaca.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead


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Lunch Specials $9.99

Weekday lunch specials form 11am-3pm. Includes 1 agua fresca, champurrado or atole.


Happy hour

Weekdays 4pm-6pm come join us for festive drinks and wonderful appetizers to suit everyone!

$6 Paloma’s, Mezcalitas, Sangria, Pina Coolata and Mojitos!

$2 Tacos



Karoke Night

Live Music

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